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Veg Power UK Campaign at the Henry Fawcett Primary School, South East London, UK- 10 March 2022

Meal Themes for Caterers

Meal themes featuring

Eat Them to Defeat Them works because it is fun. We create a story, a game, an adventure around vegetables with the child as the hero and the vegetables as the “enemy” – and the only way to defeat them is to eat them. Kids understand it is a ruse to get them to eat vegetables but it’s fun, so they do. The more adults play the game, the better the kids respond.

We have created 10 meal themes – each one is a “recipe” to turn a regular favourite dish into an adventure. Each has a fun name, a catchphrase, a story. You can use your own recipe around the theme or we have a recommended recipe. Each recipe contains a few of our featured vegetables.

Feel the heat veggies!

While the sun beats down on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, those crafty vegetables have been busy. We’ve heard they have set up their base in the Caribbean. It’s time, time they felt the heat.  Find them, say “feel the heat”, then eat them and defeat them.

Chicken, rice & peas

Hasta La Vista Veggies!

The vegetables have been spotted in the deep dark jungles of Central and South America. These fiendish vegetables have disguised themselves inside your favourite chilli dishes such as tacos, fajita, and nachos. Your mission is to find them, eat them to defeat them and then let out our victory cheer “Hasta La Vista Veggies!”

Chilli, any style

Bring it on veggies!

The vegetables have been spotted emerging from the great sand dunes of the desert. At first, we thought they were camels, but no, it’s the veg invasion taking over the deserts of North Africa and Arabia. The latest reports show that they have stormed the couscous. Find them, then eat them to defeat them and raise loud your victory cry: “bring it on veggies”.


You’re going down veggies!

A wave of vegetables is sweeping across Southeast Asia. Those crafty vegetables think they can fool us by hiding in the rice. Don’t be fooled mighty veg warriors – find them, eat them and defeat them, and let out our victory cheer: “You’re going down veggies”!

Vegetable rice with any curry

Dig for Victory!

The carrots have tunnelled their way to the centre of earth. You’ll need to break through the earth’s crust, dig through the steaming hot lava and find the veggies – then eat them to defeat them. Say “dig for victory” and start your journey.

Cottage pie

Feel my power!

Hey, you like pasta? We’ve heard the vegetables have taken over the pasta. Next time you see pasta, search out the vegetables, pick them out, and then defeat them in the only way possible – eat them, eat them, eat them and then let out your victory cry “Feel my power”!

Lasagne or pasta bake

This slice is mine!

Did you know that your pizza usually has a tomato base? Now those terrible tomatoes have recruited a few of their fiendish friends. Find a slice of pizza the vegetables have invaded, fix it with your hardest stare and say, “this slice is mine”. Then eat them to defeat them before they escape.


This roast is mine!

The global veg invasion has landed here in the United Kingdom. The vegetables have kidnapped our great roast dinners. Kids, we need your help more than ever. Find them, beat them, defeat them, the only way is to eat them. Reclaim our roast and say it loud, say it proud. “This roast is mine”. 

Roast, any style.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

What’s the wildest thing in the jungle? The lion? The elephant? It used to be, but now the vegetables have been taking over the delicious pink rice from Africa. Let’s hear you say, “let’s get ready to rumble” and then hunt them down, eat them and defeat them!


Time for a showdown!

From China, to Japan and Korea the vegetables have taken over every noodle. We need your help to defeat their monstrous plan. Say “time for a show down”, then slurp down the noodles and find those veggies – you know what to do. Eat them to defeat them.