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Eat Them to Defeat Them is a school caterer initiative to get kids eating more veg.

Last year a massive 77% of parents whose children participated in schools said their children ate more vegetables. After five years more than half of those parents reported a long-term improvement in both the volume and variety of veg their kids are eating. With 29% of children eating less than one portion of vegetables per day, these results are an important step in improving children’s diets and the health of our nation.

This has really engaged the children both here and at home. We have had fantastic feedback from parents saying their children are eating and asking for more veg. Parents are also eating more veg and staff as well!

Catering Manager, Birmingham

It has given the kitchen staff a chance to be creative, added some excitement to their daily routine. In particular to see the faces of the children light up with great passion when they see their work on display and look of delight at the displays made and most of all tried things they wouldn’t normally.

Cook in Charge, Shropshire

We did a huge display showing all the vegetables in a fun colourful way. It was awesome! We based our decorations using the advert for inspiration. We also did huge tasting tables each week.

Gemma, Catering Manager, County Durham

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