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Campaign returns 20th February

What is Eat Them To Defeat Them?

Eat Them to Defeat Them is the award-winning campaign to get kids eating more vegetables. 80% of kids don’t eat enough vegetables. If you are worried about your child’s mood, behaviour and learning, a good place to start is their diet.

Eat Them to Defeat Them was created by Veg Power and ITV as a fun way to encourage kids to eat more veg. There is a massive TV advertising campaign, activities in thousands of schools, and our websites full of tips, hacks, advice and fun to help you succeed.

Over 1 million children took part last year. More than half of their parents say the kids ate more vegetables as a result. Even 35% of parents with fussy eaters, who eat next to no vegetables, said their kids ate more vegetables thanks to Eat Them to Defeat Them – it could work for you!

Here’s four simple things you can do to prepare to make the most of Eat Them to Defeat Them 2023:


Check out Simply Veg

Go to our other website – it’s full of simple and affordable hacks, tips, and expert advice to help parents and carers to get their kids eating more veg. Read up and be ready!


Be in the know

Register for the Simply Veg email to keep those tips coming and to be the first to know when we release Eat Them to Defeat Them 2023.



Find out if your school is taking part. If not, send them our way. They need to register by mid-January. It’s 100% free.


Prepare for victory!

If your school can’t take part then head back here in February half-term as we’ll have tips, hacks, games, downloads a huge competition and lots of family fun!