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Eat Them to Defeat Them encourages kids to eat more veg.

It’s award-winning and proven to make eating vegetables more fun. It’s all here to help you on your mission to raise healthy, happy kids.

If you are worried about your child’s mood, behaviour and learning, a good place to start is their diet.

Eat Them to Defeat Them was created by Veg Power and ITV as a fun way to encourage kids to eat more veg. There is a massive TV advertising campaign, activities in thousands of schools, tips, hacks, advice and fun to help you succeed, and a huge buzz on social media.

More than half of their parents say the kids ate more vegetables as a result.

what parents say…

I owe endless thanks to the people behind the #EatThemToDefeatThem campaign. My daughter’s vegetable intake has increased tenfold! She loves telling us about all of the vegetables she’s defeating, and how she’s saving us all.

Parent, daughter aged 8

Hi, my son received the poster and sticker at school. I’m very glad as he start asking to eat vegetables as he receiving stickers after each portion of vegies. Previously it was big no for vegies and he is very fussy eater. ”


My daughter refuses to try things at home, during this programme she has tried EVERYTHING. It’s been wonderful to be told the news at home time.

Parent, daughter aged 6

My son is a very picky eater due to sensory issues, and this program has encouraged him to try vegetables that he hasn’t eaten before. I struggle to get him to try new things at home, but the teachers using this campaign have managed to get him to try lots of things. If the campaign can do this for my child then I can’t even imagine the success for less picky eaters. Making vegetables fun to eat is an outstanding idea.

Parent, son aged 6

Hi, just wanted to let you know that my 10 year old son, who has autism and really struggles to try new things is fully invested in the Eat them to Defeat them campaign. He has tried lots of new vegetables in his quest to defeat them and has discovered a new found love for peas, sweetcorn and peppers! He says he likes that the vegetables aren’t the good guys like they are usually made out to be. I’m a happy Mum! Well done!

Parent, son aged 10

My son loved coming home with a sticker because he had eaten his carrots that day. Other days more stickers for trying a pepper. He thought it was amazing.

Parent, son aged 5

My child has been talking about the programme a lot and has been asking for veg with her meals to be healthy.

Parent, daughter aged 7

After coming home soo excited about the mission pack, Cian ate 2 slices of carrots, 2 slices of sweet peppers and 2 sultanas. Wow! I am witnessing a miracle unfolding before my eyes!



Are you struggling to get your kids to eat vegetables?
Check out this tips, advice and useful tools from at our experts on Simply Veg.


Eat Them to Defeat Them works because it makes veg fun. The campaign is supported by a £3m TV advertising which gets the kids excited about veg. Thousands of schools across the UK turn all that excitement into children trying more veg – look out for stickers. If your school is taking part they will send home a reward chart to help you turn that behaviour into lasting habits – if not you can download your own chart below.

Help! My kids eat NO Veg

Launch into veg by Simply Veg is our new online programme specifically designed to help parents whose children eat little or no vegetables. It 100% free 100% simple.

Serving for success

There are three basic principle for success, The Three Rs, that lay the groundwork for getting kids to eat the veg you serve – rewarding, re-offering and role modelling. Find out how these simple ideas can change everything.

Winning with reward charts

Rewards charts can be a very effective way to encourage kids to try and keep trying a new vegetable until it just becomes habit. Click below to learn the most effective way to use a reward chart and a few pitfalls to avoid.

We give away millions of reward charts. If you didn’t managed to get one from your school – you can download and print out this one. Please encourage kids to colour it in as they go, or pick up a cheap sheet of stickers to decorate their chart as they achieve their goal.


Engaging kids with veg is an easy way to take a step closer to them actually eating it! Whether it’s starting out with crafts and science experiments, or moving on to sensory exploration or even getting kids in the kitchen, we have expert tips for you on how to do it the easy way!


An increasing number of children are being diagnosed with autism or some form of neurodiversity. Many children, whether neurodiverse or just food sensitive, are a little selective or “fussy” about their food.

Eat Them to Defeat Them works really well with neurodiverse children. We are here to support you and your kids every step of the way, and we have drafted in the very best experts on feeding children with neurodiversity, here are their tips.

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