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Primary & Special Schools

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Primary & Special Schools

Eat Them To Defeat Them has finished for this year.

We look forward to seeing you all next year!

The multi-award-winning Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign and associated schools’ programme has been a huge success, with the 2022 campaign reaching over 1 million children in 3,850 primary and special schools. 57% of participating parents say their children ate more vegetables, including over a third of those fussy eaters who rarely eat any vegetables at all. 


Lesson Plans

To support the campaign in class we have created a series of curriculum-compliant and teacher-friendly lesson plans, adaptable across Reception/P1 to Year 4/P5, with the theme “Exploring food from around the world”.




This year we created 10 meal themes – each one is a “recipe” to turn a regular favourite dish into an adventure. Each has a fun name, a catchphrase, a story and a recommended recipe.



More resources for you to download including lesson plans, numeracy and literacy worksheets, arts and crafts, sensory education and growing projects.


Supporters' Badges

It’s the thousands of school caterers, teachers and community workers who make Eat Them to Defeat Them such a success. We are hugely grateful for the immense support so many have given to this campaign.  If you would like to show off your support for Eat Them to Defeat Them, here are a selection of Supporter’s Badges for you to add to your website and use in social media.

Partner School


Asset Pack

Do you need design assets to create your own lesson plans, notices, t-shirts, posters , reports etc?  Click here to access a folder packed full of images, fonts, colours, backgrounds and more.

This is one of the few healthy eating schemes that really engaged children. We had parents saying that their fussy eaters were actually eating vegetables!

Headteacher Hampshire

Most effective way we’ve tried so far at getting younger children to try and keep eating a range of vegetables

Headteacher, London

We’ve never had an experience like this in our school before, all our children and teachers loved it.

Senior Leadership Team, Lambeth

Great resources; excellent ad – really made an impression on the children -hard hitting and persuasive.

Assistant Head, Wales

It was amazing how children that would usually say they didn’t like a certain type of veg would try different things and discover that they actually liked them.

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, Hampshire

Could not get better marketing and media for a campaign to encourage vegetable consumption. Resources are fantastic.

Regional Food in Schools Coordinator, Northern Ireland

Looking at doing more of this next year as children thoroughly enjoyed this,thank you . Please keep this initiative alive as it’s been a fun campaign!

Assistant Headteacher, South London

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