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Five Top Tips to Help Get Your Kids Eating More Veg!

Five Top Tips to Help
Get Your Kids Eating More Veg!

by Rebecca Stevens, Registered Nutritionist at Veg Power.

While vegetables are well known to be an important part of a healthy and environmentally friendly diet, it can be a real challenge to get kids eating more of them. In fact, a recent survey found over half of parents say they struggle. Here are my top five tips to help get you started but check out for more information.

Be their role model

children learn from observing the adults in their life round the dining table. By including veg with your meals, you’ll be demonstrating that eating veg is a normal part of mealtimes. Always talk positively about veg even if they are not your favourite!

Understanding your child’s preferences

like adults, kids have their own natural preferences. Some prefer sweet flavours, while others enjoy bitter. Some love crunchy textures while others prefer soft, cooked foods. If you can begin to understand your own child’s preferences and serve veg that are more appealing to them, you’re on to a winning formula.

Engage them on the topic

sometimes kids need a little more encouragement and, in this case, try engaging them on the topic of veg as a starting point. Pick a fun activity and add a veg-theme (e.g. arts, crafts, role playing) or ask them to select a veg of their choice when you’re next out shopping – try our website for other ideas.

Get them in the kitchen

research shows that kids who play a role in preparing food are more likely to eat it. Select an age-appropriate role – e.g. chopping, stirring, laying the table, menu design – and get them involved.

Keep calm

this can be incredibly hard at times but kids will pick up on your stress, so do try and keep as calm as possible. Remember, that some children will be slower than others to accept and enjoy vegetables but they will get there in the end.