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John Donne School assembly ETTDT


Use the launch assembly to let the school know what’s coming.

Why not kick-off the programme in your schools with an assembly? We have an assembly, with PowerPoint and video created by an award-winning headteacher and food education specialist Dr Jason O’Rourke PHD of Washingborough Academy, Lincolnshire.

Below you can download our assembly guide and PowerPoint both of which you can adapt to suit your plans. There is also a downloadable version of the TV advert the kids will see in the build up to the schools’ programme. Finally, there is a fun “rally cry” video from our crazy school chef. All assets are also available in Welsh or bilingually. Though please note the videos are subtitled in Welsh.

Starts 20 February – Ends 31 March


Assembly Guide

Start with an Assembly!

Download our guide to getting the most out of your school assembly. Introduce the children to the themes for Eat Them to Defeat Them 2023.


Fire up the Powerpoint!

Download and adapt our presentation created by award-winning headteacher Dr Jason O’Rourke to set the scene for your school.

This powerpoint has the TV ad and Rally Cry video embedded in it already, but if you want to watch these separately you can use the links below.



You can play the TV ad during your assembly to remind the children what this is all about and to get a feel for what Eat Them To Defeat Them is all about!


Rally Cry!

Why not end your assembly with the Rally Cry video from our crazy Head Chef – Join the fight!