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The creative theme this year is all about fun ways to eat vegetables. We’ll be encouraging kids to get those gnashers to work defeating those veg one big bite at a time, and we are planning some great chomp visuals and fun.

Here are all the resources we have to support caterers this year…

Starts 19 February – Ends 28 March

Caterers' Challenge Guide


Here’s a simple guide to Caterers’ Challenge you can share with your caterer teams. Best viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.

Social Media Toolkit

Our campaign is about everyone coming together – parents, carers, catering teams, schools, local government, nutritionists etc. – to help get our kids eating more veg. Social media is where that community meets to support and inspire each other.

Please read our social media toolkit for all the dates, hashtags, a few ideas and a link to resources to support you on social.

Meal Themes


We have created 10 meal themes – each one is a “recipe” to turn a regular favourite school catering dish into an adventure. Each has a fun name, a catchphrase, a story and a recommended recipe.



Here’s a handy Eat Them to Defeat Them MS Word template for creating your own menus.



Check out our wide selection of posters you can download and print.


Supporters' Badges

It’s the thousands of school caterers, teachers and community workers who make Eat Them to Defeat Them such a success. We are hugely grateful for the immense support so many have given to this campaign.  If you would like to show off your support for Eat Them to Defeat Them, here are a selection of Supporter’s Badges for you to add to your website and use in social media.

Partner School

Design your own assets…

Do you need design assets to create your own lesson plans, notices, t-shirts, posters , reports etc?  Click here to access a folder packed full of images, fonts, colours, backgrounds and more.