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We are challenging school catering teams to lay on amazing spreads of vegetable tasters for each week of EAT THEM TO DEFEAT THEM. These spreads make the veg the hero of lunch and create a perfect opportunity for kids to give them a taste.

Each school will be provided with stickers to give to the kids who try, and each kid receives a reward chart and sticker pack to take home which encourages them to try those same veg again.

“School cooks and chefs have an absolutely vital role to play. You could be the change agent that improves the diet of hundreds of children, for life”.

– Prue Leith

Framed certificates for every qualifying entry

£100 Prizes x 20 for Hall of Fame entries

Winner Presentation at the LACA awards dinner

Prizes go directly to school catering teams

Tilda is challenging you to create the perfect blend of vegetables and rice.

The winning recipe will go out to thousands of families alongside the top celebrity recipes on our website and social channels.

Help us to inspire families to cook together.


How to win How to win

It’s all about getting kids excited and trying new veg. Here are the things our judges will be looking for:


We love to see creative displays – let’s make it fun!


It’s all about engaging the children. How can they get involved?


Above all it is about tasty, tempting and healthy treats the children can’t resist trying.

1. Capture your veg displays on video or pictures

2. Head to: 

3. Tell us how you made it creative, engaging and tasty

4. Upload pictures and videos

5. Plus you can also add your entry to the Tilda Challenge

Closing date:
30th April 2022